Are you ready to cope with 2018 NI Certification Standard for DPO?

In February 2018 the Nautical Institute (NI) published a new version of Dynamic Positioning Accreditation and Certification Standard, which consists of two volumes:

( - ) Training and Certification - for existing DPOs and trainees;

( - ) Accreditation - for training centers;

Each offshore training scheme (DP Induction, Simulator and Revalidation) has 28 teaching hours over the 5 day period with about 80 objectives to study and online assessment as a compulsory part at the end of training program, which is a massive workload for a prospective DPO.

Therefore, we decided to develop a computer-based training called "DP Awareness" as a support tool for those who are passing the Nautical Institute training scheme or revalidates DP certificates.

Our team structured the proposed material in a way that is given in NI training standard 2018 for DP training. Therefore, all our course modules reflect the latest NI regulations. The course content is delivered by portions with audio support for provided textual information.

The course provides general theoretical information and has no goal to teach any software interface, but for the practical chapter, to demonstrate required NI functions, we use Kongsberg K-POS 7 as an example.

The course was developed with the support of certified DPOs acting as certified NI DP instructors.

The idea of the course is a knowledge refresher or support CBT for classroom training, but not a substitution of latter.

Here is the link for the "DP Awareness" course in our online catalogue.

Enjoy your virtual classes!

9 December 2018

Our courses

Resilience in Maritime Industry

Oil Record Book - Part 1

Marine Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Areas

Electrical, electronic and control engineering

IGF Code - Basic

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ECDIS Awareness

Basics of Navigation

Ship Security Officer

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Maritime Cyber Security Awareness

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Dangerous Goods

Mooring System Management

Safety Officer

Marine Incident Investigation

Risk Assessment


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