Reaching a new milestone - 500th seafarer trained by Learnmarine at MSC Training Centre

We are happy to announce that our company has now reached another milestone. Last week Learnmarine trained it’s 500th seafarer in ECDIS awareness and RADAR Navigation in a Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) training center.

Our courses follow a "blended training model", where trainees are first provided with computer-based content, which they study on their own and then take an online theoretical assessment. After successfully completing the assessment the trainee moves on to the practical part of the training. On completion of these two stages, the trainee then takes a practical exam.

The courses have helped us to identify many weak points and gaps in the maritime education and training system, which has allowed us to tailor our content delivery in such a way that it stays relevant and effective in the quickly, ever-changing maritime industry. You can read more about some of these gaps in this article.

These two online products became the foundation of our courses at MSC:

ECDIS Awareness

The course covers all aspects of modern ECDIS operation. It explains in detail such important topics as Display Setup, CATZOC, Safety Depth and Safety Contour, ENC Compilation scale, SCAMIN, Alarms and Warnings and the most importantly the risks related to over-reliance and incorrect system setup. 

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RADAR Navigation

This course is developed with respect to the guidelines given in IMO Model Courses 1.07, 1.08 "Radar navigation at operational / management level" and covers such topics as Radar theory basics and display setup, IMO performance standards for RADAR and ARPA equipment, use of RADAR for navigation (parallel indexing, LOP position fixing, control of position at anchor), use of RADAR as collision avoidance tool.

The idea of the course is not only to cover the radar navigation or manual plotting, but to instill to a deck officer certain kind of intuitive approach, which will help to form a mental picture of certain collision avoidance situations and make right decisions as per COLREGs and according to good seamanship 

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Captain Gennadiy Ivanov, Training Officer of MSC CS Ukraine about the training:

"In May 2018 MSC Crewing Services Ukraine began a new type of in-house training that addresses safety of navigation. This training was initiated to satisfy the new ISO 9001 standard requirements that relate to the personnel competence: “...organization to establish a process for assessing existing staff competencies against changing business needs and prevailing trends”.

The training aim is to refresh the theoretical knowledge of RADAR Navigation & ECDIS as well as to perform a practical assessment.

All training materials, practical exercises, and assessments were developed and are being delivered by LEARNMARINE GROUP professional instructors in accordance with international guidelines and company-specific procedures.

In 5 months period only we met all expected objectives - more than 500 Deck Officers and Masters have passed the training and successfully completed their assessment, furthermore, we obtained a unique possibility to assess the competency of newly employed officers and ex-MSC Officers who are pending for promotion to the new rank."
26 October 2018

Our courses

Resilience in Maritime Industry

Oil Record Book - Part 1

Marine Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Areas

Electrical, electronic and control engineering

IGF Code - Basic

US EPA Vessel General Permit

Ship Security Duties

Passage Planning with ECDIS

ECDIS Awareness

Basics of Navigation

Ship Security Officer

Ship Security Awareness


Maritime Cyber Security Awareness

Ballast Water Management

Dangerous Goods

Mooring System Management

Safety Officer

Marine Incident Investigation

Risk Assessment


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