Meet us at Seminar: El Faro – ‘Lighthouse’ deep in the ocean (updated)

Michael, Olivia, Norman, Helene, Manghut, Florence, Hector, Leslie – this is not just a list of different names, this is a list of some Tropical Cyclones, which emerged recently in 2018. In several Tropical Cyclones sustained wind speed reached the mark of 250km/h, meaning highest category by hurricane classification scale.

Similar hurricane “Joaquin” in 2015 claimed the life of a whole crew of mv “El Faro” – a 241 m long ro-ro/container vessel.

It sounds like a bad joke that such a big ship could perish with all her crew nowadays. Such a joke becomes even worse if a tragedy happens not far from the coast of United States, the country with probably the best Search and Rescue (SAR) service. However, a bad joke may become a reality when we are talking about a hurricane, which encounters any vessel on its pass.

How “El Faro” appeared just in 22 nautical miles from the center of “Joaquin”, Category 4 Hurricane with an estimated sustained wind speed of 115 Knots?

Maybe crew was not aware of the hurricane? Or it was a suicide squad of drunk idiots? But those are false assumptions.

Contrary crew regularly received weather forecasts and Master, who had experience of sailing in adverse weather conditions at Alaska region, was continuously monitoring the development of the tropical cyclone by means of advanced weather-routing software. However, the vessel had sunk.

You wouldn't believe that similar situation may reoccur on your vessel? Or you wish to know what actually happened on board “El Faro”?

In such case, you are welcome to participate in a Free Seminar, which will be focused on this tragedy. We will “join” “El Faro” as “new” crewmembers, we will make our own decisions, based on information available to the “original” crew. We will see how far “our” vessel will pass from Hurricane “Joaquin”. We will compare our decisions with the ones, taken by the “original” Master and crew of “El Faro”. 
Thanks to all attended the seminar! The video and additional materials are available at

What will you get?

During the seminar, we will 

  • find out what sequence of events and what decisions finally brought “El Faro” so close to the center of hurricane “Joaquin”;
  • talk about “secrets”, which are hiding behind the weather forecasts and weather-routing programs;
  • become aware of the modern guidelines for avoiding Tropical Cyclones at sea; and
  • discuss how to determine a location of the center of Tropical Cyclone when, from any cause, we found ourselves in a close proximity to the center of tropical cyclone and how to navigate in such a case.

By the end of the seminar, you will receive a set of relevant documents including guidelines, which you may use for practical application at sea.


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